The DULE system is an innovative system devised, developed and patented by PALVI . It consists of various pieces of equipment for differentiated waste collection.

PALVI founded in 1987, is a company involved in the development, construction and sale of equipment for the collection, compaction, transportation, recycling and treatment of both industrial and urban waste.

As well as producing standard equipment for use with traditional methods of waste treatment, we strongly believe in the importance of adapting our ideas and resources to meet specific needs within the sector. Thus, we aim to offer a much wider range of equipment and services to our customers and collaborators.

All our equipment is well built and designed to last. We use the most up-to-date technology and follow the requirements of all new rules and regulations within the sector. Our focus remains on the real needs of the market.

Our R&D department is in constant contact with our customers as part of our continuous search for new solutions and specific prototypes.

We aim to inspire the lasting trust of our customers.