ALPA 12 is able to pick up both surface containers and underground containers. This equipment has been designed with highly advanced technology.

This technology provides the following the benefits:
  •  Containers can be placed anywhere.
  •  A reduction in the frequency of collection.
  •  Lower service costs.
  •  Safety for the operator.
  •  Lower container maintenance.
  •  Improved efficiency.

There is also the option of the Smart DULE System.



ALPA 12 is a bilateral, automated, mono-operator device for the collection of waste containers.

This innovative mono-operator piece of equipment requires only one operator inside the cabin of the truck to carry out the whole process. The equipment is fitted with all necessary elements for picking up the waste container, lifting it, placing it over the loading hopper of the compactor, emptying it and finally returning it to its original position on the ground.

The cycle is continuous, and the whole process is completed much more quickly.The operating device and monitor inside the cabin allow total control throughout the process.

The bilateral waste collection system allows us to place street containers on both the left and the right sides.