The TON containers are ideal for home use. Its lines have been analysed to minimize environmental impact and offer the user easy and safe access.

Its design has been carefully thought out with modern and up-to-date character; at the same time, it allows forming the desired ecological islands, giving a clear and precise idea to the citizen, improving the municipal selective collection.

Its pleasing appearance has been designed to meet all the parameters of an urban population: compact shapes, linear location, reduced footprint, and it fits in with the environment, minimizes the visual impact, accessibility and usefulness.



Its manufacture was carried out under the strictest quality controls and compliance with current regulations. It perfectly combines different types of materials and finishes, thus obtaining a container with personality.

Its finishes ensure us visibility and safety.

Different sizes of containers are available, technically adapted to each type of waste with specific openings for each product to be inserted, with the optional inclusion of operational accessories: pedals, handles, large producers, security, access control, reduced accessibility, etc.

Its lines facilitate labelling, indicating in each container the type of waste to be introduced.

The TON containers integrate into the global set of automated systems, thus guaranteeing efficiency, properly timed.

Due to its incorporation into the system, it achieves profitability, productivity, functionality, operability, convenience and safety; providing the highest quality service.