The DULE containers have been created for public use, and designed specifically to minimize environmental impact. They are easy and safe to use.

The modular design makes them suitable for any urban environment. Their distinct and specific colours provide a clear indication of where each type of waste is to be deposited, thus making them very user-friendly.

They have been designed to satisfy all the requirements of an urban population, and possess the following features: compact, linear positioning, occupy less space, fit in with the environment and have a lower visual impact.



They are manufactured under the strictest quality controls and comply with all regulations. Using carefully selected, high quality materials we have succeeded in achieving compact, well-built containers.

The finishes guarantee both visibility and safety.

Each container is technically adapted for a specific type of waste. Other accessories to facilitate the opening of the lids, such as handles and pedals, can be easily incorporated.

Their design allows easy customization and labelling to indicate the specific waste to be deposited.

The DULE containers form an integral part of the whole automated system, thus guaranteeing perfect synchronization, compatibility and efficiency.

Our system provides an economic, productive, functional, practical, safe solution and offers the highest quality service.