The ARCALIS DS-LCI washing-container is a system for continuous internal and external washing of containers with an automatic bilateral loading system.

It is reliable and practical in performing a functional, efficient and clean work.



The washing-container consists of the following parts:

  • Independent integrated structure, consisting of a base in which the washing chamber is located, the tank to contain the water (clean and dirty) and the back cover in which the functional elements are found. This structure, once loaded, is secured with hydraulic locking systems that guarantee its coupling to the chassis according to traffic regulations.
  • Tank, equipped with lateral, communicating tanks, for clean water and a central tank for dirty water that comes from the washing cell. Built with stainless steel.
  • Washing chamber, located in the front. Made with a single stainless steel structure. It is prepared to house surface and underground containers.
  • Washing systems, when the container has reached its position inside the chamber, the internal washing cycle is automatically started, followed automatically by the external washing cycle. Both washing cycles are fully coordinated.

Optionally, it could be mounted directly on the truck, being fixed.