The top loading CMS-DS compactor is designed to compact municipal solid waste from differentiated waste collection.

This powerful and reliable machine possesses the perfect technical combination of strength and speed to ensure maximum efficiency.

All elements of the system are completely integrated. Thus guaranteeing co-ordination and functionality.



The compactor consists of 4 parts: the receiving hopper, compaction chamber, storage box and unloading door.

  • The receiving hopper, the ALPA 12 automatically locates the receiving hopper, places the container directly above it and empties the waste vertically into it. The whole process is controlled by the operator.
  • The compaction chamber, when the waste enters the compaction chamber it is progressively compacted by a horizontal press plate and pushed into the storage box. The compaction chamber is made of high quality materials and designed to with stand the thrust and pressure of movement.
  • The storage box, the waste compacted is stored here until completely full. Its clean, modern design allows easy customization and the curved doors facilitate unloading.
  • The unloading door, the curved door allows to storage box to be filled to maximum capacity. And the automated device ensures the door closes perfectly and is totally secure.

All processes are controlled by the operator inside the cabin. The CMS-DS compactor is suitable for transportation by hooklift equipment.

Optionally, a container lift could be incorporated on the side and thus include varieties or special features to the service or collection to carry out. Equipping this lift on the collector allows the emptying of the usual standardized containers of 120, 240 and 360 litres (two wheels) and 800, 1,000 and 1,100 litres (straight cover).