The CFS-DS top-loading collector is mounted fixed on top of the truck to carry out a greater compaction of waste from municipal selective collection containers.

It is robust and powerful for performing an efficient job, making the most of the highest demands: strength and speed.

Technically fully integrated with the elements of the system, guaranteeing their functionality and coordination.



The collector consists of five clear and distinct parts:

  • Receiving hopper, where ALPA 12 automatically locates the selected container above and unloads the waste vertically. Its design is intended for such operations.
  • Compacting chamber, where the waste falls and by means of a progressive press plate it is inserted into the inside of the storage box, with the compacting process being carried out at this time. This piece of equipment is fully structured to support all the forces and pressures that occur. The materials used are special and of high quality.
  • Storage box, the waste is put inside and stored progressively. Its line design gives us ideal personalization and presents a clean and modern aesthetic. With its curved corners the best waste unloading is guaranteed.
  • Unloading door, thanks to its optimized curved design, a maximum filling of the storage box can be guaranteed. Its automatic functionality ensures reliable, convenient and high security closure.
  • Bodywork kit, assembled being fixed in the truck itself and emptied by lower tilting.

All processes and mechanisms of the collector are controlled from the operator cabin.

Optionally, a container lift could be incorporated on the side and thus include varieties or special features to the service or collection to carry out. Equipping this lift on the collector allows the emptying of the usual standardized containers of 120, 240 and 360 litres (two wheels) and 800, 1,000 and 1,100 litres (straight cover).